My Setup

My Setup is pretty simple, I try not to complicate too much

My Fonts and Theme

I use JetBrains Mono as my font, and most of OS is themed around Catppuccin which includes most of my apps, my terminal, and my OS theme.


After years of distro hopping, trying out different distros and DEs, I have finally settled on NixOS with Gnome as my Desktop Environment. If you know about NixOS then you can checkout my flake.

If you have no idea what NixOS is like most of people then you can think it as a distro that is powerful as ArchLinux but run entirely by config files. You can break stuff but then just reboot and go to a older version of your OS to fix it, it take out the pain of breaking ArchLinux. You can just push your config to github and reinstall your OS from that config in a few minutes. Also with the use of flake and direnv you can create a Development Environment that can contain any version of anything limited to that folder and will be enabled and disabled automatically.

So if you want a distro that is like Arch but doesn't break and you wont mind doing everything the Nix way you can try NixOS or If you want to start small you can just get the Nix Package Manager.

The Obligatory Neofetch screenshot

My Used Applications

Visual Studio Code

I use VS Code to get most of my coding done, I am still not into Vim/Neovim shenanigans although I have Neovim with LazyVim installed which I use sometimes.

I use quite a few extensions besides the theme and Language extensions,

Google Chrome

I daily drive google chrome, I know it is not the best thing to do but hear me out. I need a chromium based browser to test my web apps, I used brave in past but there are many problems with Brave, the biggest one that put me off was removed Web Bluetooth API and no way enable it. Also random crashes are as common as Arch breaking.


I use KeepassXC as my Password manager, it is free and Open Source, It stores my passwords in a encrypted database also connects to my browser via an extension. I can also sync the database using a software like Sync Thing and access my KeepassXC database on my mobile with KeepassDX.

If You want to know more or discuss something don't hesitate contact me on Discord or Email.