About Me

Hello, I am Rahul Mishra, I go by the name BlankParticle on internet, I am from India and I am 18 years old.

I am doing B. Tech in Computer Science from a college in India.

I taught myself Web Development as I had nothing to do during COVID-19 pandemic. It started with PHP while I tried to create PocketMine Plugins for Minecraft (I Know its wired but believe me lol), through that I was exposed to Web Development and did a few things with PHP and MySQL on my phone (Yes, I did it on my phone, thanks to Termux and Acode).

Later I Learnt JavaScript/Node.js while trying to make Discord Bots on Glitch and Replit. I copied a Discord Bot template and tweaked around it while I had no clue about JavaScript and learnt most of my JavaScript fundamentals while doing all of this.

Enough of my Past, Now days I am learning Rust and Mostly use SvelteKit for my Web Development needs. I have learnt React and Next.js, but I prefer Svelte.

I am still exploring most of new and shiny Tech and I am not sure what I will be working on in future, but I am sure that I will be working on something cool.